Sunday, September 25, 2011

Root, Jailbreak, Fix Phones-Tablets-Tv's-Pads-Computers-Ps3-And More

Phones-Tablets-Tv's-Pads-Computers-Ps3-And More

My Team and I Jailbreak, Root, Unlock, and Customize Phones,
Ipads, Etc. We FixComputers, Set Up Networks, Speed Up Your
Systems, and More. We Now Support Ps3 Jailbraking. We Have
Done Everything From Apple Tv's, Ipads, Android Software
Phones, Android Tablets, and Etc. If It Can Be Done We Can Do
It. We Are The Team To Contact If You Want Your Device Done
Right. We Do This At Reasonable Prices and Best Thing Of All
We Do It Over The Phone. We Have A Lot Of Reputation For The
Services We Provide. We Are A Team Of Developers That Been
Doing This For 6 Years. We Take You Step By Step So You Will
End Up Learning Your Self. We Do This As A Donation Pay Basis
For A Lot Of Software, and Services We Use and Create. We Ask
You To Make A 25$ Donation Depending On The Device, We Do Not
Charge By Hour. If You Want To Donate More We Really
Appreciate It As We Pay A lot For Some Of The Resource We
Use. We Accept PayPal Only Wich Is The Most Safest and Secure
Way To Make and Accept Payments. We Will Provide You With A
Reference I'D Number So In The Future If You Upgrade To A New
Device We Will Lower The Donation Amount For You. Also If You
Want To Update Your Rom, Software, etc. That We Installed We
Have Your I'D Number and Notes Of What Was Done and There
Will Be No Charge To Update Your Device. Thank You And We
Hope To Make Your Devices Top Notch and Up To Date..

 Email Us At:

 We Do This 24/7 So One Of Us Will Contact You When We
Have The Chance. 

Thanks A lot, 

Team RUD